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Why Gamers Rage On Their Parents

“Why does my gamer rage and yell at me when I ask him to do his chores?”

Every day I see parents asking this question out of fear, out of anger at their child’s behavior and out of desperation to “fix” this problem.

The answer to this question actually involves a series of questions that will help us get to the root of the problem so that we may begin work where our efforts will actually bring the desired results we are hoping for.

I’m going to show you a proven strategy that will help you get to the root of this problem. After you have read this blog post, you will have an understanding of how to apply this powerful technique to solving almost every obstacle or problem in your life including the burning question that was posed at the beginning of the post.

In the 1930’s, Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese industrialist, inventor, and founder of Toyota Industries developed a technique called the 5 WHY’s to help solve problems by discovering...

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How I Got My Teen To Quit Fortnite

I was working in my home office when I heard the loud bang coming from my son’s room. It wasn’t the first time today either and I had gone in previously to see what was going on. I got up and hurried into his room and saw him unsuccessfully holding back tears and pointing at his tv. The bang came from him slamming his fist on his desk.

“What happened?” I asked and he responded with the same thing he did the last time I had asked him.

“Fucking hackers!” He was vibrating with so much anger that he couldn’t even look at me. He sat there staring at his screen. And in the next moment, he hit a button on his controller and immediately put himself in a cue to start another game.

“I see you just started another game, let me grab my chair so that I can see for myself how bad the hackers are. I’d like to help you if I can.” I left his room to get my chair and while doing so, started to think about how I was going to help him.


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A Wake-up Call For Gamer Parents

As I write this article, we are in the middle of the covid19 quarantine and as a result, millions have been forced to work from home and unfortunately, millions more have lost their jobs and are forced to stay at home unsure what to do with their time.

For millions of families, this has put extreme stress on the relationships and marriages of those who have been affected and as a result, many have turned to finding ways to “escape” from their current reality to help them cope with the stress of the current situation. Some turn to booze and drugs while others turn to what they feel is a much less harmful escape, video games.

While the focus of video game addiction is almost always focused on the kids, I’m here calling out the adults who have fallen victim to their addictions. If you are reading this article and you are not the adult in the household who...

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