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The Dream Is The Journey, Not The Destination.

Take a minute and think about the big things you want to accomplish in your life. Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like as you experience whatever it is that you are dreaming about. Is your partner taking a picture of you standing in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza? Maybe your catching up on your emails while you’re behind the wheel of your self-driving Tesla? Maybe you want to be the next hockey sensation, or you simply want to find and fall in love with your soul mate?

We all have these dreams; these aspirations that we want to accomplish during our lifetime but for many of us, the dream simply seems to big to be achievable. We have no idea how we’re going to accomplish these momentous goals so rather than trying to figure out how we will accomplish them, we create this narrative in our head that we have too many “important” things to do and don’t have “time” for chasing these fantasies.

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So we fool ourselves into thinking that we should forget our dreams and continue to live in our current “reality” of working the 9 to 5 and buying the next iPhone and catching up on social or immersing ourselves in the newest online world. We do this because it’s enjoyable to “level up” or get 5000 likes on your last post, it’s easy and it distracts us from thinking about that which we will never attain because we always feel like we are accomplishing something. We then end up living our lives mistaking and chasing periodic pleasure for digital happiness.

But for those of you who know that there is more to life than what exists in our digital addictions, you continue to stress and wonder on how you will ever experience the satisfaction of achieving your dream(s)? Perhaps as a result of this awareness, maybe you’re not finding your distractions as satisfying as you once did and now you find yourself consuming content like reading this blog?

If that’s you, then what are you hoping to find? Inspiration perhaps? Motivation? Unfortunately, I’m not a big believer in these things. It’s easy to inspire someone to do something but without an action plan they will undoubtedly fail and end up back where they were when they started. No, I’m a believer in an action plan that comprises of strategies which provide a clear path to success for it’s here within the realm of clarity that I believe true happiness can be found but we’re still missing one ingredient: mindset.

With the right strategy and the right mindset, one can achieve real happiness in their life from having the clarity of knowing what their dreams are and knowing that they have shaped their life around achieving their dream through the implementation of an action plan. Now here is the most important part and I want you to pay real attention here.

This is the mindset you need to have. Success does not rely on you achieving your dreams because they are not your dreams, they are destinations and if you never reach your destination, you have not failed. The dream you really want to achieve is attaining the clarity of the mindset and knowing that true happiness comes as a result of attaining this clarity and actively moving towards your destination. This my friend is a truer measurement success.

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The first step that we need to take to begin this journey is to understand that there are growth zones that we need to be aware of.

If you want to learn more about the growth zones, I created a YouTube video that teaches you all about them and how they may be used to even help you overcome anxiety as well as a bonus if you struggle with that. I did and my strategy helped me tenfold, I hope it helps you.

But before you do that, I want to do a powerful exercise with you. I want you to close your eyes and pretend that you are 90 years old and your alone on your death bed. I know this is probably not where you were expecting to go but trust me and stay with me. You’re on your deathbed and I want you to think back on your life and imagine all of the things you wished you had accomplished in your life, but you didn’t. Do you see yourself wishing you would have done things differently? Do you see yourself regretting how you lived much of your life? Do you regret not even trying to achieve your dreams? If so, then understand that this is the ultimate failure. Not even trying.

Now we are going to do an activity together. Grab yourself a pen and piece of paper and at the top of the page I want you to jot down five of the biggest things that you want to achieve in your life. There is no limit to the scale or grandeur of your dream o.k. whatever it is I want you to jot it down, especially if it’s making you smile because if it’s making you smile, it’s probably something you should be actively working towards!

Now close your eyes and imagine that you are that 90-year-old you again. I want you to think about the amazing experiences you had during your life. I want you to laugh at all of the crazy chances that you took. I want you to relive the wonderful experiences that made you laugh and cry as a result of these chances. I want you to feel this with as much passion as possible. Now open your eyes. How do you feel now? Do you feel happy? Elated? Are you even aware that there is no feeling of regret?

Now grab that same piece of paper again and below your list of five achievements I want you to write down 5 things that you did throughout your day yesterday. When your done I want you to have a look at what you wrote down and ask yourself if there is anything on that list that would have helped you move forward toward even one of your dreams. If not, which one of those five things could you remove and replace with an action plan that was designed to help you achieve one of your new goals? Go ahead and draw a line across the thing that brought you the least amount of value in your life. I seriously want you to draw that line and really take in this experience right now. I don’t want you to forget it. Now in it’s place I want you to write down these words “find happiness working towards a destination.”

Now sit back and tell me how you feel! Do you feel like there’s even a little ray of hope? If so then I am incredibly proud and hopeful for you! Life is worth taking risks, life is worth making mistakes and life is worth living! As long as you have a destination, you will have a reason to get back up after every fall and you will have a reason to learn from your mistakes. You will be that 90-year-old you looking back in pride. Now go stick that paper under a magnet on the fridge. Take a picture of it and make it your wallpaper on your mobile phone. Don’t forget this experience. Remember it always.

If you want to learn more on how I can help you get started on your journey, then click this link right here. I hope to see you there.

Stay Primed my friend!

Dave D'Aoust


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