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A Wake-up Call For Gamer Parents

As I write this article, we are in the middle of the covid19 quarantine and as a result, millions have been forced to work from home and unfortunately, millions more have lost their jobs and are forced to stay at home unsure what to do with their time.

For millions of families, this has put extreme stress on the relationships and marriages of those who have been affected and as a result, many have turned to finding ways to “escape” from their current reality to help them cope with the stress of the current situation. Some turn to booze and drugs while others turn to what they feel is a much less harmful escape, video games.

While the focus of video game addiction is almost always focused on the kids, I’m here calling out the adults who have fallen victim to their addictions. If you are reading this article and you are not the adult in the household who is addicted to gaming, then ensure that after you read this, have them read it as well. From this point on, I’m going to speak directly to them.

I need 5 minutes of your time so that you read this article. That’s it. Once your done then you can go back doing whatever it was that you were doing but if you stay with me to the end, I’m going to make it worth your while.

If you are reading this, you are addicted to video games. You, an adult. If you are fortunate to have children, then you are the person that they are looking up to, to model their life after.  

When your gaming, you are making the decision to put a bunch of moving pixels on a screen ahead of the people that you love most in the world. It really does come down to this. Now if you think I’m coming down a little hard on you, understand that I haven’t even started! But it’s not entirely your fault. That said, I’m not about to let you off the hook either.

Let me explain. When your gaming, your brain is being triggered like crazy and dopamine is being released constantly and at a rate that is not natural. If you don’t know what dopamine is, it’s a neurotransmitter that your body produces that makes you feel good when you expect to achieve or accomplish something and is directly involved with addiction! So when your gaming, it’s going off like the 4th of July! Your brain is dancing while your kid is crying for your attention and your spouse is yelling at you to get off the damn machine!

Now everyone is crying or yelling so you’d rather spend even more time gaming than dealing with life and so you go deeper into this negative feedback loop. Round and round you go, your life down the digital drain. Your family $%^&*%*% needs you!

But instead, you invite your kids to play beside you. “It’s quality time dear..” you say. And now we have two deer staring into the headlights.

Here’s what’s happening.

Digital companies are manipulating you by using psychological tactics to keep you engaged longer and longer to make you addicted. When you become addicted, you begin to value what you think is bringing you joy so you begin to change your habits and routines so that you can spend more time on your addiction. When you change your habits and routines, you change your behavior and you begin to prioritize your addiction over everything else. Next thing you know, you’ve wasted 5 years of your life, your kids are losers because they are sitting beside you, and opportunities have come and gone, opportunities that you never saw coming because you were too busy being distracted.

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Next comes the spending. Spending for skins, spending for Battle Passes, spending for DLC. Now your teaching your kids how to mismanage their money on top of their priorities. And when a new game comes out, you play it because we all know you pre-purchased it 9 months ago, you play it not even thinking of all of the money, all of the time that was spent on the old games. All of your time, all of your money….gone. And your going to do it again because your being played like a puppet. Go ahead and ask your kid to join you because that’s what the companies want.

So what are you supposed to do? Your stuck at home because of the quarantine, it’s not your fault this has happened right? Who cares who’s fault it is! This is what life is like right now so it’s time now, more than any other time in your life, to stand up and take a look at what’s happening in the world, take a look at your family that want’s you back right now, take a look where your life is going if you don’t take it out of your ass!

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What if your company decides that they’re not going to be able to recover after this epidemic is over? What if the job you had doesn’t exist after the quarantine is lifted? Instead of thinking about these important things, you got your faced plastered to your screen, yelling at 15-year-old kids!

It’s time to turn off the games my friend. It’s time to put everything away and begin to take your life seriously because these are serious times. Your family needs you to focus on them now and focus on what’s coming down the pipeline.

Now remember when I said that I’m going to have some good news for you if you stuck it out with me to the end? Here it is.

From this moment forward, stop playing games because the economy is going to crash hard. Your friends online and your co-workers are no longer your friends, they are your new competition and because you have decided to stop being distracted from the reality that we are all living in right now, you are preparing for the future while they are still playing their video games in denial of what’s about to happen. There’s going to be two groups of people moving into the future, winners and victims. You have head start my friend. You have a beautiful family that needs you and you have the responsibility to be there for them.

Teach your kids the proper values they will need in this new world moving forward. When your kids are old and look back, what will they think about you? What are they going to remember you doing during the great quarantine of 2020? Are you going to be the person that played video games while your family’s struggled into bankruptcy? Or are they going to remember you as the person who took control and did everything possible to make a better life for them?

Open your eyes and follow trends that are going to become available for those who are awake to see them and be prepared to act, be prepared to take chances and be prepared to learn from your mistakes. This is the person that your kids need to learn from, not the adult that was yelling at a bunch of kids through your 80$ headset.

It’s time to wake up because your family needs you. 

Dave D'Aoust


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