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Don't Let The Fear Of Failure Prevent You From Starting Something New

life Oct 26, 2019

This is a special blog post for me as it represents my first real attempt at starting something new. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a while now but haven't quite figured out how to begin. The more I looked into it, the more I realized that there was a lot to learn, especially if I wanted to make the impact that I'm striving for. 

Many of us have a desire to try something new but for some reason, the thought of criticism holds us back from jumping in the ring. It's like being a boxer that's afraid of being punched in the face right? That fear of being punched is what motivates you to train harder and longer. You want to step in the ring knowing that you are as best prepared for the fight as you can possibly be, you want to believe that you have done everything possible to become victorious because you want your career to start of on a winning streak. So you train, you research, you study and you put off getting in the ring out of fear of losing your first fight.

But the reality is, how can you expect to achieve anything if you don't take that first punch? How do you expect to become resilient to change and become more experienced as a result in the arena of your choosing? If you don't have a coach or a manager, at some point your just going to have to get in the ring yourself and start swinging. Hopefully you will have learned something from the experience.

Here's the good news. When you decide to take that first step, whatever it is, have a look around you and you will notice that there may only be a couple of people in the stands half watching your performance. If your performance isn't as perfect as you would have hoped, chances are that nobody saw you lose in the first place. So go back and apply what you learned from the experience because what you just learned from that first go will trump anything you watch or read online. 

It was this reasoning that made me realize that the longer I took to study and prepare out of fear of perfection, the longer it was going to take me to help the people I want to help and in doing so, I was ultimately failing them.  

That said, it was time to launch my first real YouTube video! Is it perfect? Hell no! Will people criticize my work? Not likely as I don't have a large audience. Still, what if someone does criticize it? There's your first punch in the face! I think it's fair to say that a professional boxer has come to terms that he or she will have experienced thousands of punches to the face before they turn pro. 

I have decided to make my first video about starting your life all over because it is something that I have been forced to do a couple of times and the topic means a lot to me. 

So if you are in any way curious about starting from scratch, I share four easy strategies that I used that helped me change my life and start all over. 

After you watch the video, I'd love for you to answer this question for me:

Does the analogy of using a professional boxer help you understand that it's o.k. for you to start something new knowing that you may receive criticism from strangers, co-workers or loved ones? Has it helped you to believe that anything people say or do, or don't say or do, should only be regarded as opportunities to learn and grow more? 

I hope so.



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