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How To Choose Your Career

I was chatting with a recent high school grad who was sharing his concerns about how his parents wanted him to go to University and get a Masters Degree in something despite him being unsure what to take and to make matters worse, in his words, he was starting to feel useless because he was still unemployed.

He also mentioned to me that this problem was growing worse because he was an introvert and was uncomfortable meeting new people. Then he apologized for taking up my time!

Obviously, he is a good kid so the first thing I did was commend him for being honest with himself and for going out and seeking advice.

I suggested to him that not acting right now was a smart decision because he needed to figure a lot of things out about himself before making such a costly decision in both time and money.

I know too many people who have gotten themselves into extreme debt because of the cost of education, only to land a minimum wage job out of their field. How then are they supposed to pay off their debt, and start their own life afterwards?

When we see this happening every day, then we need to take note that this decision process is flawed.

The matter becomes worse with the pressure from parents. Parents love their children and naturally want them to have every opportunity that life can give them, but this kind of pressure does not make a child into a diamond. 

What a person needs is a strategy that is designed to help them learn as much about themselves as possible by first figuring out what their personal interests are and exploring them in great detail.

If you're interested to learn more on how to choose a career, check out the YouTube video here:

Let me now share my three biggest strategies for you to consider before going to college or university:

  1. Discover your interests – Jot down 5 things that have always fascinated you. Start to learn about these topics of interest through research, meeting and interviewing people who are working in these industries. This can take upwards of a year so don’t stress like your wasting time. The time spent here can save you decades of your life. The idea is that hopefully you will find something that compels you to want to learn more about. Nothing turned out well in your 5 topics of interest? Then jot down another 5 and repeat the process.
  2. Get a job in your chosen field – Working in your current field of interest will teach you so much more about what it is that you are trying to learn about. You will gain much needed experience, you will make contacts in the industry and if you decide to continue your education afterwards, you may even have a job waiting for you when you graduate. If it’s part-time work, then use your off time to find another job with a competitor to learn other aspects of the industry which will give you a broader perspective of the industry. You can also use this time to learn more about your other curiosities as well, be it a job, volunteering or further research.
  3. Continue your education – Now that you have taken the time to learn as much as you can about a field that truly fascinates you, you can now feel better having decided what your chosen area of studies will be. You will be confident and excited in school as opposed to being scared, stressed and full of anxiety.

If you want to learn more, then check out my YouTube video where I go even deeper to help you feel confident moving forward. 

I have also put together a free How To Choose Your Career activity sheet together for you that you can download here. 

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Some people believe that we only have one life to live, so use this time to invest in yourself first before you give your life to a billion-dollar institution.

Remember, your self worth is always greater than your net worth!

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