A Step-By-Step Program to Help You or Someone You Love to Obsess Over Life, Not Their Video Games


PFL is an online program that is designed to help you or someone you love find clarity in this crazy digital world that has consumed us all.

PFL will teach you strategies, mindsets and action plans to help you or someone you love, overcome digital distractions.

Primed For Life is perfect for teens, young adults and parents with kids, who prioritize video games over real-world responsibilities. 

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Nelson Mandela

"Primed For Life is amazing. The class goes deep into topics that not everyone likes to talk about. It really makes you think hard about certain things in life and puts them in perspective. It is definitely an eye opener. I very much recommend Primed For Life."

Brittney Sander
University Student/Manager

"My son and I did the course with Dave and it was awesome! The course really gets you thinking about your life and your goals. It's all very practical and useful information. I even got to start some cool conversations with my son that I hadn't thought about having yet! Nicely done Dave! Keep shining your light on the world! You've got some real nuggets to share!"

Tracy Hodge

"When my teenage son started spending more and more time on gaming, I began to worry. When his sleeping habits changed, I became even more concerned. When his grades began to slip and gaming was all he was interested in, I knew it was time to take action. But how? As I began to research this topic, digital distraction, for not only my son, but for a project I was working on, I met Dave D’Aoust. I quickly learned that digital distraction is a thing many people of all ages go through. I wanted to learn as much as I could about this topic and when I wanted to take the course, Mr. D’Aoust did everything possible to make this journey a success. The classes are informative and inspiring. The techniques he teaches help the students reach their goals. I took this course as a concerned parent, and left the course feeling more empowered. It gave me tools to help my son in a constructive way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who may need it - whether you are a parent trying to help your child, a loved one, or someone who recognizes the hold digital distraction has on you. "

Jennifer Gladen

"Primed For Life has been extremely beneficial for me. It is practical advice for those of us who could use a hand up in life, especially in this fast paced digital age. After taking the PFL course, I feel very empowered, and have gained a more refined sense of direction in my everyday life. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a better sense of direction and organization in their own life. "

Laura Callan

PFL Comprises of Four Key Pillars

Pillar One: Awareness of Distraction

We pull back the curtain on why and how society has become so enthralled by our digital worlds. Only when we understand how we are being manipulated can we truly appreciate the severity of the problem and make the decision to begin taking our lives back. Unfortunately, too many people struggle to begin this process because they don’t know how or where to begin, which is why I created..

Pillar Two: The Discovery of You

...because a blueprint for life cannot possibly exist since each and every one of us are unique individuals. We have different personalities, different values, different hopes and dreams, different strengths, and weakness and without first learning what exactly makes you unique, which is the goal of Pillar Two, we cannot begin the exciting journey into the real world, a journey that you design for yourself, not a life that’s designed by a programmer.

Pillar Three: The Action Plan

It is here where you learn the skills, strategies, tactics, and mindsets to help you overcome life’s challenges so that one day you can achieve what I call your Compelling Future. This is what motivates you to learn, to become fearless in your endeavours and to wake up excited everyday. This is where you learn the routines that will direct your life, to achieving the real dream, a life filled with achievements devoid of regret. 

Pillar Four: Momentum for Life

This is the most important of the four pillars since it is here where you will learn what it takes to succeed for years after you graduate from Primed For Life. Without momentum, your journey can become difficult  and at times the struggle can become overwhelming. This is why it’s important to understand how to achieve momentum and keep it for life.

After Completing PFL, you will...

  • Understand why you or the person you love has become enthralled by video games and prioritize them over the real world. 
  • You will know what needs to be done and will have help along the way with our private group of growing graduates for support.
  • You will discover what it is that makes you unique so that you can begin living a life that is captivating for you in the real world.
  • You will discover what your compelling future is and will wake up excited to begin every day. 
  • You will have a collection of tools that are designed to help you achieve your goals like problem solving and money management.
  • You will have learned how to create a group of people who will be there to help you for the rest of your life, who will hold you accountable every step of the way to ensure you accomplish your milestones. 
  • Have access to the exclusive Primed For Life Community where you can ask more questions or share your wisdom with new students. 


Dave is a passionate entrepreneur who shares his time between raising his son who has multiple learning and behavioral challenges (conduct disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, bi-polar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder) and with helping people to learn how to overcome their challenges as well. Inspired by his personal story, he teaches everyday people how to become more resilient by helping them discover their true purpose and meaning in life.

Dave has learned how to enjoy life to it’s fullest despite his hard past. Born a single child to a single mother who suffered with drug and alcohol addiction, Dave himself became a drug and alcohol user at the young age of 14. He eventually overcame his abusive childhood and moved out at the age of 15. With no parents or other family members to help him navigate life’s hurdles he somehow still managed to graduate high-school and subsequently became a laborer for a tile company.

It was here where his entrepreneurial flame found it’s spark because he realized that if he were to keep doing what he was doing, this was going to be his life forever. He wanted more and so he decided to create his future and not let his future create him. Within four months of making this decision, he found himself teaching English in South Korea proving that anybody, regardless of their past, can accomplish anything if they just put their mind to it.

Through online courses, speaking, and consulting, Dave teaches the same simple strategies and methodologies that he used to turn his life around to help people learn how to take control and to create a future that is compelling enough to pull them through life and overcome its endless unexpected hurdles so that they wake up every day excited, eager and happy.


Among his skills and qualifications, Dave is a Certified Tony Robbins Knowledge Broker, Certified TESOL (Teacher of English as a Second Language) instructor, has a degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, is a graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School, and is the recipient of the Jacob Dunning Award. Dave has also received specialized training in Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), has been certified with Class C CPR and has received a positive Vulnerable Sector Check allowing him to work with youth. 

Mission, Vision and Core Values

I am proud to be a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is striving to serve my fellow human being. I know that a mission, vision, and a set of core values are essential if I am to truly dedicate myself to a cause that is greater than myself. I am excited to share my life as my commitment to you of my authenticity and a means to ensure that my ship always sails towards my North Star.


My mission is my North Star. It represent's the "why" I do what I do every day. Everything I do is guided by this simple, empowering, unifying statement.

My Mission: To help people discover their true purpose and meaning in life.


My vision represents my direction, not where I am today. I work in pursuit of my vision that is informed by my mission but in more precise terms.

Primed For Life is the trusted vessel that I use to serve my fellow human being on a world wide level. Society is alive with people who have much to offer the world but have not been taught the necessary skills and mindsets that are required to bring their dreams to life. Primed For Life empowers it's community by providing them with a blueprint for life. To increase the effectiveness of it's purpose, Primed For Life continues to partner with other industry experts to develop and champion useful resources that further advances its own mission. 

Core Values

Core values are declarations of integrity that are non-negotiable. They inform my judgement and guide my behaviors in this world where the quality a person is defined by who they truly are and not by their ability. 

Do What Is Right

No matter the consequence, my actions serve the best interest of my clients and fellow human being. 

Own My Outcome

I am responsible for my actions and my values keep me focused on always doing what is right. 

Share Without Ego

As I learn, so shall I teach. What good is knowledge if it's not shared and knowledge shared should be affordable and fair. I am no better than the person beside me. 

Do Good Work

I will show up every day to work and serve. It's not about making money, it's about creating effective value that helps communicate a message of love. 

Always Stay Healthy

A ship will never reach it's destination if it cannot stay afloat. By not caring for myself and my business, I will fail to provide the best value and service that I can, day after day, year after year. 


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