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My Primed For Life program  will help make this dream come true. 

Kids prioritize what they value, and every day they value their digital distractions above most everything else.  The great news is that it doesn't have to continue this way. Change can happen, and it can happen starting today. 


"Parents with kids who play too many video games must read Dave's new book. Not only does the book help with regulating video game time, but it also explains how to motivate all gamers by teaching them how to prepare for their future". Kim Suyeon

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"Primed For Life is amazing. The class goes deep into topics that not everyone likes to talk about. It really makes you think hard about certain things in life and puts them in perspective. It is definitely an eye opener. I very much recommend Primed For Life."

Brittney Sander
University Student/Manager

"My son and I did the course with Dave and it was awesome! The course really gets you thinking about your life and your goals. It's all very practical and useful information. I even got to start some cool conversations with my son that I hadn't thought about having yet! Nicely done Dave! Keep shining your light on the world! You've got some real nuggets to share!"

Tracy Hodge

"When my teenage son started spending more and more time on gaming, I began to worry. When his sleeping habits changed, I became even more concerned. When his grades began to slip and gaming was all he was interested in, I knew it was time to take action. But how? As I began to research this topic, digital distraction, for not only my son, but for a project I was working on, I met Dave D’Aoust. I quickly learned that digital distraction is a thing many people of all ages go through. I wanted to learn as much as I could about this topic and when I wanted to take the course, Mr. D’Aoust did everything possible to make this journey a success. The classes are informative and inspiring. The techniques he teaches help the students reach their goals. I took this course as a concerned parent, and left the course feeling more empowered. It gave me tools to help my son in a constructive way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who may need it - whether you are a parent trying to help your child, a loved one, or someone who recognizes the hold digital distraction has on you. "

Jennifer Gladen

"Primed For Life is for all ages. I learned about things I wish I learned many years ago and now I understand why some feelings I had caused some discomfort. But the special thing about PFL is that Dave encouraged me to continue to make my dreams come true. I recommend PFL, it is very necessary nowadays."

Adriana Santos

"The course is made to stretch your thinking. Perfect class to find purpose of your life to grow your mind. Dave covers many different aspects in life. He is a fantastic instructor and passionate about helping others. I highly recommend the course."

Tomomi French
Financial Professional

"Primed For Life has been extremely beneficial for me. It is practical advice for those of us who could use a hand up in life, especially in this fast paced digital age. After taking the PFL course, I feel very empowered, and have gained a more refined sense of direction in my everyday life. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a better sense of direction and organization in their own life. "

Laura Callan

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I teach adults and teens the simplest and most effective strategies for designing a life that's so compelling, you won't ever wish to be distracted from it.  

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Why do I care so much about our digital distractions?

If left unchecked, our digital distractions will influence our belief systems which then influence our values, then shape our priorities and behaviors. Our attention then becomes monopolized and monetized for corporate greed. To break free from our digital distractions, we must learn to design a life that’s more compelling than anything online.

It's time to discover your true purpose and meaning in life today. It's time to chase your compelling future!



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